Corporate, M&A, Civil and Commercial

We help design and implement companies and any other investment vehicle throughout the national territory and provide comprehensive business legal advice.

Design and implementation of investment vehicles

  • Constitution and liquidation of investment vehicles
  • Investor representation
  • Design and implementation of corporate governance rules (family protocols and shareholder agreements, among others)
  • Private equity linking documents
  • Preparation and negotiation of civil and commercial contracts
  • Advice on foreign investment
  • National and transnational transactions and due diligence (due diligence)
  • Business restructuring and integration transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Investment protection: reorganization of property titles
  • Participation in boards of directors

Labour Law advice

  • Drafting and review of employment relationship contracts
  • Advice in cases of dismissal of personnel
  • Advice for the preparation of conduct manuals, company policies, internal work, hygiene and safety regulations
  • Due diligence (due diligence) in labor matters
  • Litigation in labor matters
  • Migration counseling
  • Advice on compliance with payments to the social security system, parafiscal, social benefits, and vacations

Family Law

  • Capitulations
  • Liquidation of marital and patrimonial partnerships between permanent partners
  • Divorces and cessation of civil effects of religious marriage
  • Family wealth planning
  • Successions
  • Wills
  • Impairment of family home and unattachable family assets
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