We provide advice on tax planning for natural and legal persons at a local and international level and all legal services associated with taxes, fees and contributions of a national and territorial nature.

Tax litigation and controversies, including UGPP

  • Persuasive stage analysis
  • Administrative headquarters care
  • Processing of the procedural stages before the jurisdiction of the contentious administrative
  • Accompaniment in the processing of the prerogatives approved by the tax reforms (conciliation, transaction, and special payment condition)
  • The attention of the stages of the administrative procedure of coercive collection

Local and international tax planning

  • Review of local and international personal and corporate tax structures
  • Design, structuring, and implementation of strategies that optimize tax structures for legitimate business or commercial purposes
  • Forms of business reorganization
  • Analysis of the applicability of tax incentives

Consulting and compliance

  • Preparation of concepts on taxes, fees and contributions
  • Review, preparation, and presentation of tax returns
  • Assessment of estimated liabilities and provisions  

Tax returns and compensations

  • Analysis of the origin of the request for refunds of payments in excess or not due and repayment of balances in favor
  • Preparation, presentation, and monitoring of requests
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